5 Questions To Ask While Buying Wood Flooring

Will traction be a problem

Traction is the magnitude of friction between floor and object. In simple sense more traction causes less slippery accidents. Traction is good in limestone tile floor, probably one of the reasons it is popularly used in lawns and lobbies. When choosing a hardwood floor installation, make sure that it is not over polished so as to make it slippery.

What type of wood species will be suitable for the room

Hardwood floors come in wide variety. There are numerous wood species that are available for flooring purposes. The finish, gloss and shades of each specie is distinct. For living rooms and halls, darker shades like walnut or mahogany are preferred. For smaller rooms light shaded and subtle patterns like ash or maple are good. Budget is another thing that affects the choice.

Is hardwood flooring good or lamination

Wooden flooring is not just application of actual wood planks. It comes in two types hardwood flooring and lamination. Lamination is basically thick sheets that can layed over a floor through strong adhesive to give it a wood like finish. Hardwood flooring uses actual wood installation and polishing. Though laminate floors are less expensive, they wear out in short time and its finish is not as good as hardwood. All matters are to be given due importance.

Cost of overall flooring project

Budget is the first thing that affects decision of type of flooring such as marble floor tiles, lamination or granite. Keep the overall budget in mind while choosing the right type of hardwood flooring. Where price is significant constraint then laminate flooring is the most suitable option. As a regular practice keep in mind to purchase 10% more than requirement to provide for wear and tear and cutting.

Which wood finish would be better-glossy or matte

Different species of wood comes with different shades and finish. There is a choice between matte finished hardwood and glossy as well.

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