What files do you have in the Drivers64 directory? I cannot get my computer to talk to the ICD3. Sent 3f, received I can confirm this. Leaving this for anyone else having similar issues. Thanks for reading, BigK

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I’ll raise a support ticket. I have windows 7 64 bit all the drivers on the CD do not support this windows version how can i get the ifd driver of the ICD 2 for windows 7 64 bit? The driver is there in the right directory, but doesn’t get recognized when either the directory or windoas directory a level up. Please, suggest the solution. They look the same as mine, so should work OK.

Windows 7, bit support | Microchip

I wish you all better luck The driver is the mchpusb I’m using mplab 8. Having problems with Windows 7 pro 64bit and ICD3. A Guy on the Net. Sorry I have never heard of Microchip reveiwing mplqb posts to see if they are still current. The driver is missing, according to the Control Panel. I can confirm this.


Can MPLAB ICD 2 work with Window 7 (64 bit) OS??? Which MPLAB Tool is compatible? | Microchip

I tried mplaab of the above suggestions and still get “no driver” message when trying to update the driver. Hi, we cannot find any patch at this link? Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

The older I never got working WIN 7 simply wouldn’t recognize a driver for it. Kruse Super Member Total Posts: Sent 3f, received NKurzman Thanks dindows reading such an old post.

I have been digging the internet for a the entire week end and I could not find a reasonable solution especially from whom is expected to give one microchip?? Can you give us some more information about your laptop? Leaving this for anyone else having similar issues.

ICD 2 Win 7 64 bit problem

A similar post was made but didn’t seem to have been resolved so here I go: I am now attempting to migrate my project over to my new Windows 7 64 bit. Best regards, johnmx 3. I’m leaving the ICD3 off for 10 – 30 seconds in between restarts.

If the folder contains a driver make sure it is designed to work with Windows for bit processor” Who has any idea to solve my problem? It locks up trying to connect, at various points. My PICkit 2 works with the new laptop, at any rate.


Would not be rocket science for MC or a super member to add a quick post that this is no longer relevant? I accept your response, but forum members looking for answers to this issue come across this post and then spend time trying to figure out icf the non-existent link is.

ICD2 PN 10-00319 Windows 7 64 bit

At least by replying to the post we have brought it up the list. Can I use this patch on Windows 7 bit version?

It took me a long time to find out that the USB driver file was”mchpusb These are the RoHS compliant devices.