Uncover The Top Seven Blogs About Improving Yourself

When it comes to self improvement, there are numerous ways in which one can improve upon a number of aspects in their life. This includes those who are seeking to have a healthier body and mind and those who wish to improve upon their appearance. However, this may also pertain to other aspects, most especially internally. Apart from that, there is also the choice of becoming more involved spiritually and being more religious.

Due to the wide variety of ways that one can look into and choose, experts are more knowledgeable with regard to the topics that revolve around it. Due to this, there are now numerous programs and articles that focus on this topic. For more information about this, the following paragraphs will be relaying the top seven blogs about improving yourself.

For those who are creative individuals and enjoy the freedom that goes along with being an artist, then one will surely enjoy Think Simple Now. This is a website that is founded and headed by Tina Su, who is an expert in numerous topics. This includes guided meditation, living simply by your own means, speed reading, and other artistic themes.

If one is inclined with making some changes in your home to have a smoother flow within the household, consider reading Zen Habits. Since Zen Habits was first featured on Time Magazine as one of the best blogs during two thousand and ten, it has amassed approximately two hundred thousand subscribers and the amount is still increasing today. The man behind the website is named Leo Babauta and most of his articles are tips on being more productive and enjoying the simple things in life.

The blog of Jonathan Mead is another addition to this list. The site itself is named Illuminated Mind, which contains many articles and guides on how to achieve your goals in life and to follow whatever dreams you may have. Jonathan mostly writes about how to find your true self and to unlock your full potential. This way, the reader will be able to reach their potential and have more focus when it comes to achieving their goals.

The next addition is a blog entitled The Art of Non Conformity, which was written by Chris Guillebeau. As the name suggests, it focuses on challenging various policies and laws, including the power of authority figures. What sets it apart further is the fact that he travels to different countries and recounts all his experiences along the way. Now that he has reached thirty years of age, he has visited a total of a hundred and twenty five countries and counting.

Even though he is still fairly young at twenty one, Scott Young has amassed numerous accomplishments so far. In the course of his career, he has composed many books that detail around finance, even though he has not yet graduated from university. Along these publications is his own site that is entitled Get More From Life. Due to the promise that he exhibits, he is expected to achieve more as the years go by.

Another site that focuses on posts about Zen is Good Life Zen, which is headed by a professional named Mary Jaksch. Like the previous entry, it also focuses on subjects like redesigning your living and working space, meditating for a healthier mind and body, and tips in achieving clarity. The reason why many other aspiring bloggers look up to her is because of her positive attitude and willingness to help others who are trying to set up their own page.

The Art of Great Things is founded by a writer whose name is Jeffrey Tang. His work mostly details things like how to save money, dealing with financial stresses or problems, and how to deal with all this. The goal is for the reader to learn some valuable tips for dealing with these issues in a healthy and efficient manner.