What Should You Do Alongside Flotrol To Ensure Future Bladder Health?

There are many things you should be doing on a regular basis to help to ensure the overall health of your bladder. Flotrol is just one tool of many that should be in your arsenal. For those who are unaware of what Flotrol is, let's define that first. This is a medication which is available over the counter for those who are suffering from bladder control issues. This treats bothoveractive bladders and urinary incontinence of multiple degrees. This supplement was constructed for individuals twelve years of age or older. You don't need a prescription to purchase it. 

On top of taking Flotrol on a daily basis, there are some other practices you need to be following to ensure the longtime health of your bladder. The most important is hydration. Your body uses your kidneys to detoxify the fluid in your body. Be sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day to ensure your kidneys properly work to flush out waste instead of it getting built up. Next, drinking glass of herbal tea is a great way to get necessary antioxidants into your body. You can drink a ton of different herbs as it's really up to personal preference. Some suggestions we have for you are Juniper, Turmeric, and Ginger Root. A quick trip to your local grocery store should reveal multiple different herbal teas that you can try.