Smoothie Recipe For Protein Supply

Smoothie is the drink which gives you the flexibility to choose the ingredients. You can add or change the ingredients as per your objective to drink it. Usually, people drink it because of its numerous health benefits and it is a good substitute for artificial drinks. In addition to this, people who are engaged in the healthcare industry can get various health benefits by adding a smoothie to their diet. Protein is the best content of the diet of healthcare professionals. You can add protein to the smoothie easily with the help of various recipes.

In order to keep any smoothie healthy and full of nutrients, it is essential to that you make a perfect combination of fruits and vegetables to it. It is also highly recommended that in spite of by it from the market you should prepare it at home in your smoothie maker. For the best taste and hygienic reasons, you should drink the smoothie immediately just after the preparing. This way you can get the desired nutrients and vitamins without significant addition in the calories. This protein recipe for preparing smoothie can be very beneficial for you.

Ingredients that you will need

–    Two-third cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

–    Two large hand-full approximately fifty gram these must be left off nearly eight stalks

–    One third pineapple chunks, it must be nearly eight grams

–    Half-ripe avocado, it must be nearly fifty gram

–    One scoop protein powder

–    One cup of ice cubes


You can use a good smoothie maker to process every material well. Put them one by one in it and blend well to make it smooth enough to drink. It is better to consume it fresh. But in case you are willing to store for a while, make sure that you have an airtight jar and put in the refrigerator.

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